The Easy Reels Toolkit

Create Engaging Reels in minutes!

Reels are great for:

  • Boosting your reach on Instagram 
  • Sharing information in an easily consumable and engaging way
  • Engaging both your followers and people who aren’t following you yet
  • Growing your audience
  • Selling in a way that’s fun and doesn’t feel icky

But let's face it, they can be time consuming to create and some days you just don't feel like getting on camera.

Which is where the Easy Reels Toolkit comes in.

Using only the free version of Canva you can quickly add your own images, switch out the text and change the colors in just the click of a button on these Reels templates. 

With the Easy Reels Toolkit you can make these templates your own in minutes

The Easy Reels Toolkit enables you to:

  • Create Reels in minutes freeing you up to work on other areas of your business
  • Create Reels without needing to be on camera List item three
  • Repurpose existing images and videos into fresh new Reels
  •  Brand all your Reels with your brand colours and fonts
  • Batch create months worth of content quickly and easily 

What is included?

30 Reels Canva templates
30 Reels Canva covers
Reels content prompts

It’s as easy as:

Add your text and images

Change to your brand colours

Download and post to Instagram!

And you are done!


Yes you will need to use Canva to edit the templates. All templates can be used on the free version of Canva which you can sign up for here (affiliate link)

Yes you can upload any videos or images you want to use to Canva and add them into your designs

Yes, you can re-use them as many times as you like creating endless Reels. Simply change the text and images to create a new Reel

As this is a digital product with instant access no refunds will be offered. If in the rare instance you have any problems accessing the templates reach out to me at and I will get it sorted for you.

No, these templates are for your own use and cannot be resold or shared with anyone else.

Yes, you can create content for your clients using these templates however you can only share with them the finished, non-editable product. You can’t share access to any editable version of the templates