Your Social Media Spell Book


Never having to worry about what to post on social media again

Freeing up hours of time to focus on other areas of your business

Having a social media plan which is both effortless and strategic so that you not only grow on social media but turn your socials into money generating income streams for your business

The Socials Managed Membership provides you with all of the content you need to consistently show up on social media for your business.

Inside you will find

Done for you & Nearly done for you content - Daily captions either ready to post or with fill in the blank options, along with ready to post graphics meaning you can have content ready in minutes

Done for you quote and puzzle graphics - A library of 100s of uniquely designed quote graphics, brainteasers and puzzles ready to share

Reel templates -  Dozens of Reel templates, simply change the text and add your images (or videos) and you have a Reel ready to go in minutes

Plug and Play story templates -  Hundreds of plug and play or ready to post story templates so you can show up in stories consistently with barely any effort

IG post and story templates -  Hundreds of IG post and story templates ready for you just to add test and images to

A calendar showing notable dates and celebrations for the month

A posting schedule and guides how to use each piece of content

Other things I will be adding Social Media is always evolving and this membership aims to evolve with it too so I will be adding various other things to it

Do you feel like you are in a constant battle trying to do all the things when really you just want to get on with running the business you love? Are you spending a frustrating amount of time creating content for your socials and wish you could just hand it all over to someone but you aren’t quite ready to outsource it?

Socials Managed is the magic wand that’s not only going to save you time and energy but is also going to help you elevate your brand, skyrocket your visibility and increase sales.

With a range of done for you and almost done for you content each month you are going to free up hours of your time to spend on other areas of your business or doing things you love without sacrificing growth and sales.

Save time

Free up hours of time using the done for you and almost done for you content inside the Socials Managed. Including captions, images, hashtags and posting schedules you will be able to post and schedule your content in a fraction of the time. 


Consistenly sharing content that is designed to attract and engage your target audience is the quickest way to grow a loyal following on social media and Socials Managed is your spell book to doing exactly that. Inside you will find a range of captions, content prompts, story templates and graphics focussesd on boosting your engagement and reaching new followers. 

Boost sales

There's no point spending time on social media if it isn't going to translate into sales for your business which is why the content in Socials Managed is designed to take your audience from followers into eager buyers. With content designed to showcase your expertise, keep you front of mind and show off your offerings using a variety of proven copy and customer journey techniques Socials Managed will turn your socials into powerful income generating streams for your business. 

Show up consistently

With hundreds of content prompts, fill in the blank captions, graphics, story and video scripts you are always going to have something to post. More importantly with a sugested posting calendar you can post and go (or be super organised and schedule your content ahead of time!) meaning you never have to worry about what to post again.

Confidently create content

Creating content can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming, not only do you need to know what to create, you also need to spend time creating. Socials Managed not only takes away the overwhelm of knowhing what to create, it does most of the content creation for you. 

Socials Managed is for coaches, course creators, personal brands, service providers and anyone running a small business that needs personality packed content

All content can be accessed and edited using the free version of Canva

Content can be accessed via a desktop or mobile app so you can create and share content quickly and easily on the go!

Content prompts and captions can be used across a range of social media platforms and even as inspiration for blog posts, emails or podcst episodes. Graphics are almost exclusively sized for Instagram or Facebook

Posting consistently on social media can help you grow quickly, keep you front of mind, build trust with your audience and sky rocket your visibility.


Throwing up just any old content won’t work. in fact if you aren’t strategic about the content you share it can be harmful to your brand and growth.

Which is why all the content you will find inside Socials Managed has been strategically created to help you not only grow but to grow an audience who are primed to buy from you.

Inside you will find a mix of

Content to engage in order to boost your visibility, reach new people and grow.

Content to connect. It might sound a bit cliche but it’s true - people really do buy from people - which is why you need to be sharing personality packed content that shares who YOU are (without sharing more than you want to of course)

Expertise showcasing content to show people you are the go to expert in your industry so that’s it’s YOU they turn to and recommend for help.

Content that sells because otherwise why would you be spending your business time on social media anyway?