This 5 part course will have you  confidently  using Instagram to generate leads and sales for your business without stress or overwhelm

(Price will increase to $97)


With over 1 billion users Instagram is a powerful platform to reach new customers every day, are you taking full advantage of this marketing opportunity for your business?

During this course I will guide you through everything you need to know to set up and use your Instagram account effectively for your business. You will walk away with a strategy to create engaging content which will be seen by your target audience.

In this value packed course we will cover how to

  • Set up your business account the right way in order to take full advantage of Instagram's features for businesses
  • Optimise your bio to get your account found by your target audience and into your sales funnel
  • Understand the different content types on Instagram and how to use them to reach new leads and sell to your current audience
  • Confidently use hashtags to boost your engagement and maximise your reach
  • Tips to increase your engagement on Instagram

Who is this for

This class is for you if you are new to Instagram and not sure where to start, or you have been using Instagram for a while and have just been muddling your way through not really sure about what you are doing.

This class isn't for you if you are confident at using Instagram, know your way around all the different settings and sections and you are simply looking for extra strategy help (I can help you with that either one-on-one or with my Grow on the Gram course).