Insta Leads Generation

Turn your Instagram into a leads generating machine

Are you ready to make your Instagram be a lead generating machine?
(And no, you don't need to be a slave to the gram or even create reels if you don't want to!)

Insta Leads Generation will show you how to

  • Create lead attracting content
  • Increase your visibility on the gram so you can bring in new leads for your business
  • Nurture your community taking your audience from passive followers to active leads
  • Have your followers eagerly join your email list

Do you know IG is where your people hang out but they just aren’t finding or connecting with you?

Inside Insta Leads Generation you will learn how each of the different areas of IG work, and how you can utilise each of these to generate and nurture leads on the platform.

Just some of the things covered are:

The differences between posts, reels and stories and how to use each one to grow your business.

The power of using DMs to make real connections.

How to use stories to be front of mind so you can build the like, know and trust factor.

How to create reels strategically that actually reach and connect with your ideal audience.

Why regular posts and carousels aren’t outdated and the ways you can use them to nurture and engage your audience.

The vastly untapped potential of guides and why these quick and easy to create assets should be part of your IG strategy.

How to create personally packed content so people get to know YOU!

PLUS I will show you how to focus your time and energy so that you aren’t becoming a slave to the platform.

  •  Ways you can repurpose content that not only saves you time but works to grow and nurture your audienceList item two
  • Simple automation features inside IG that mean you will never miss a new connection or waste hours replying to generic enquiries
  • How to create a content plan which is simple to utilise but works!

Insta Leads Generation is all about using IG to grow and nurture your audience in a way which feels right to you.

If Reels aren’t your thing then no problem! If showing up on video fills you with dread then don’t do it!

If you only have limited time to show up on IG each week (because let’s face it, running a business involves a million time taking tasks) then let’s make every moment of that time count.