Your Personal Hashtag Vault

Hashtags =  Free Advertising 

When used correctly hashtags can x3, x4, and even x10 your views on each post. We aren't just talking any old views, these are views coming from your target audience, in other words people who want and need what you offer!

This means if you aren't using hashtags properly you are missing out on getting 100s and 1,000s of eyes on your posts. And more importantly you are missing out on potential sales simply by people not seeing your content. 

But many people find themselves neglecting their hashtags, they either don't have time or are overwhelmed by the whole process.

This might sound familiar to you... You spend ages creating the perfect image and caption, engaging with your target audience and then you just want to get your post out there. You don't want to spend even more time searching for hashtags so you copy from your previous post or just grab a few you think match the post without really thinking about it?

Did you know that this can actually end up reducing your reach? Instagram favours accounts which tailor hashtags to individual posts and sees using the same sets repeatedly as spammy behaviour.

Which is where my custom hashtag sets come in. Personally created for YOUR account to get your content in front of more of your target audience

  • A minimum of 60 (usually more but it depends on your niche) carefully researched hashtags for your account considering niche, size, content style and your current activity and engagement levels
  • Hashtags sorted into pick and mix lists so you can quickly copy and paste for each post
  • Full guidelines on how to use your personalised hashtag list
  • My complete guide to hashtags (30 minute video)

Only $47

Frequently Asked Questions

After completing payment you will be asked for your IG handle and a couple of short questions about your business and your account. Within 2-3 working days you will be sent your customised set of hashtags along with a best practices guide showing you how to use them.

No, these hashtags are created especially for your account. The only exception to this is if you are creating content which might flag your content as being inappropriate with Instagram. In this instance I will discuss the situation with you and offer you a refund if I don't feel I could create an effective hashtag vault for you. 

Every hashtag set is fully personalised to your account, business and content created. While I always strive to provide you with as many hashtags as possible I won't bulk out your list with hashtags which will be ineffective for your account. Every industry, and indeed account within that industry, is different and this means there are simply more hashtags which will be effective for some accounts than there are for others. 

As every hashtag set is custom created for your account it is not possible to offer refunds on this product.